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Gel Imosteon is a medicine for the treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis and joint disease. It can be used in severe stages of disease development as an additional therapeutic effect.

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For those who wish to purchase anti-osteochondrosis, joint disease and injury gel in Burgas (Bulgaria), please fill out the online order-indicate your contact number and name in the order. And the company representative will call to answer all questions in the near future, and arrange delivery to the address you mentioned, telling you how to get the order. Payment after receiving the package.

The cost of the gel is leva69. Hurry up and take advantage of the promotion-there is a 50% discount.

How to buy in Burgas Imosteon

Imosteon is a new type of gel used to treat joint and spine diseases. The kit includes instructions on how to use and a certificate of conformity.

Indications for use: spine pain, neck heaviness, back pain, joint discomfort

Anti-osteochondrosis, joint disease and trauma gel Imosteon can relieve inflammation and relieve pain. It is used as the main treatment for initial symptoms, additional treatment or prevention of serious diseases.

How to order gel in Bulgaria and deliver it in Burgas?

On the website, you fill out the application form on the website, indicating your name and phone number. We clarified the details of the order by phone to clarify the delivery details of the gel Imosteon. You will have an order in a week! Delivered in Burgas by mail or courier for 1-3 days and started to live without pain in the joints and vertebrae. The exact cost of delivery depends on the distance to the city.

The gel price is leva69. Payment after receiving the order by mail. Hurry up and order the special gel for promotion on the official website! in stock! 50% discount on purchases.

Fill in the form correctly to get in touch with you and carefully report the delivery address (Bulgaria, Burgas, street, house, postal code).

Reviews about Imosteon in Burgas

  • Радка
    I immediately like the natural ingredients of Imosteon gel. Just in case, we often order first aid kits. We have a big family. Two school children. We live with our elderly parents. Now, if something happens, I will apply to the child’s knee after abrasion to prevent inflammation. Parents will use it if joint pain is due to weather.